About Eminence

Detail Information about Eminence Financial Solutions
Eminence Financial Solutions initiates you into the world of financial engineering and acts as a thought partner and catalyzes the decision making process by providing distinct and sustainable advice. We service the need-gap of the entire spectrum ranging from individuals to large scale organizations to help them make better financial decisions and deliver the desired sustainable success.With a strong and ethical foundation we offer a bouquet of customized and premium financial solutions. With research and technology at the helm of our practices, we not only aim to make you wealthier but also ‘Financially Prudent’. By applying the simple science of managing your money and other assets, we believe in taking care of your long term financial health just like a family doctor. If finance is about emotions, our mission is to express those in figures.The old Indian adage claims, ‘Money does not grow on trees.’ Sure! You need experts for that… Eminence is promoted by first generation entrepreneurs who are qualified finance professionals from renowned institutes. With over 15 years of experience in the financial realm, promoters have had the distinguished opportunity of being the CFOs of their respective companies. With this you can certainly be rest assured that your money is in the safe hands!

People and Passion

Eminence people and their passion towards clients

Our people and the passion they carry set us apart. We are passionate about challenges and delivering measurable solutions to our clients. Our client centric approach helps us deliver sustainable solutions for the client’s financial needs..

Vision Statement

Information of Eminence future vision

Value multiplication, the extra mile beyond value addition is the basis of our existence. We work towards converting our passion for results into our client’s success and help them outperform the market. Numbers do excite us, but what excites us further is faith and loyalty among our business partners. So our vision is to be the most respected and trustworthy Financial Services Company.


Eminence values and behaviour

Our Values define our actions and our behavior towards everything around us. It’s essentially who we are

  • For us, Customer is a business partner
  • We follow ethical and law compliant business model
  • Once committed, we deliver on time with the best customized Service
  • We are available at all times

Business Partners

Eminence Business Partners

We engage with our clients as business partners and not just as advisors. We share their passion, vision, aspirations and problems and align our goals with their objectives.

Result Oriented Approach

Eminence result oriented approach

We believe that the value we bring to the table lies in the measurable results that our advice produces. We do not limit ourselves to the advisory roles and if needed, we do not shy away from rolling up our sleeves and helping the clients implement their plans.